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School Introduction


The School of Foreign Languages of Chongqing Jiaotong University, former known as the Department of Foreign Languages of Chongqing Jiaotong University founded in 1994, is one of the earliest institutions of higher learning in Chongqing to offer foreign language major.The School has 5 teaching, scientific research and educational institutions, including the Department of Foreign Language and Literature, the Department of Foreign Language Teaching and Research, the Engineering Translation Research Center, the Language Experiment Center and the Language Training Center.Nowadays it has 98 faculty and staff members, including 11 professors, 21 associate professors, 10 doctors, 6 doctoral candidates, 15 master tutors, 4 review experts for national social science fund projects, 5 experts selected into Chongqing Social Sciences Expert Database, and 4 experts from Chongqing Foreign Language Discipline Senior Title Review Committee.  



Major introduction: The School of Foreign Languages has two undergraduate majors, namely Engineering English and Engineering Translation, and currently has nearly 700 students.Our English major was rated as a three-star one by iResearch China Alumni Network for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017, acting as one of the only five English majors that reach the three-star level in Chongqing. Our translation major was also rated as a five-star one by China Science and Education Evaluation Network in 2020.The School was listed as a master’s degree authorization center for first-level major Foreign Language and Literature in 2016, and began to enroll full-time academic master’s students in 2017.


Scientific research achievements: In recent 5 years, our faculty members have presided over 3 national social science fund projects, 5 humanities and social sciences projects of the Ministry of Education, and 30 other projects at provincial and ministerial levels, which totals nearly CNY 3.5 million of scientific research funds. Beyond that, they have published over 300 papers, including nearly 40 papers in core foreign language journals, as well as 40 monographs, translations and textbooks.


Talent training: The School bases itself on the motto of “Self Cultivation and Broad Erudition”, adheres to the concept of education internationalization, only to set up unique majors that feature “English + engineering knowledge” and “translation + engineering knowledge”. Besides, it accepts the teaching theory of “focus on basic education, relax admission request, as well as cultivate talents with high quality, strong ability and personality”, and aims to develop senior professionals in Engineering English and Engineering Translation.The students of our School have achieved great success in the National English Contest for College Students, English Speech Contest, English Debate Contest and other English contests, and are among the best in the city as to the passing rate of CET-4 and CET-8.Many graduates from our School were admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing International Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, University of Edinburgh, University of Adelaide, Monash University and other famed universities at home and abroad for further study.The initial employment rate of our graduates has remained above 90 percent for several years.