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Discipline Introduction



The School of Foreign Language and Literature, with a first-level discipline authorized for master’s degree, embraces an academic team that features reasonable organization and solid strength.Over the past 5 years, our academic team members have presided over 3 national social science fund projects, 5 humanities and social sciences projects of the Ministry of Education and other 30 scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial level, which totals more than CNY 3.5 million of scientific research funds. Beyond that, we have published over 300 papers, including more than 40 high-quality academic papers in SSCI, SCI, EI and CSSCI, as well as more than 40 monographs, compilations, translations and textbooks.    



Our team members also hold academic positions in other major academic communities inside and outside Chongqing. We have 4 experts of Chongqing Foreign Language Discipline Senior Title Review Committee, 5 experts selected into Chongqing Social Sciences Expert Database, 1 vice president and 1 secretary general of Chongqing Foreign Languages Association, 1 vice president and 2 executive directors of Chongqing Translators Association, 1 vice president of Chongqing Shakespeare Research Association, as well as 5 executive directors of Chinese Language Education Research Association, China Association for the Philosophy of Language and Foreign Language Education Research Association in western China.    

The School of Foreign Language and Literature offers three majors: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Foreign Literature and Comparative Literature, Translation Theory and Practice.  

(1) Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics:Majoring in language cognition, language acquisition, language processing, discourse analysis, corpus application and foreign language teaching; 21 members, including 6 professors, 12 associate professors, 4 doctors and 3 doctoral candidates.  

(2) Foreign Literature and Comparative Literature: Majoring in the study on writers and works of English and Japanese literature, as well as the comparative study on Chinese, English and Japanese literature; 12 members, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 4 doctors and 1 doctoral candidate.  

(3) Translation Theory and Practice: Majoring in translation theory, translation of classics, military translation, diplomatic translation, audio-visual translation and engineering translation; 15 members, including 2 professors, 9 associate professors, 2 doctors and 1 doctoral candidate.